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The most detailed Personality Assessment on the Internet.

Just a few questions that may change your life. A Psychometric test / questionnaire takes just minutes to complete and get your report -

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Have you ever missed out on a job opportunity and felt that the interviewer made the wrong choice? It's possible that the successful candidate outperformed you at interview, even though you might have been better at doing the actual job. InterviewGold shows you a great way of refining your interview skills and putting your name at the top of the short list.

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Teke a Personality Test

Psychometric tests and your career

From school leavers to executive management, psychometrics tests can help in everything from career planning to personal relationships.

If an employer is using psychometric testing in their recruitment, staff development and retention processes, you can balance the scales in your favour by learning how you would appear by taking your own test.

Using online Central Test psychometric tests to improve you chances.

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Management Level Psychometric
and Assessment Tests

Gone are the days when an impressive CV and a sparkling performance at interview were all you needed to land a great job. Now, for the vast majority of medium-large sized organisations worldwide, rigorous assessment of candidates is an integral part of the recruitment process, especially when it comes to filling those elusive top jobs. So whether you're after a junior management, senior management or even director level position, or simply want to familiarise yourself with the very latest selection and recruitment techniques, you need this book!
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