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You spend around a third of your time at work. That's an awful lot of your life to sacrifice if it's a daily grind that leaves you miserable, stressed and exhausted. Yet remarkably few of us give any real thought to establishing a career plan. You may well think it's already too late, but people of all ages have made significant and lasting changes to their lives by rethinking the way they earn their living.

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Psychometric tests and your career

From school leavers to executive management, psychometrics tests can help in everything from career planning to personal relationships.

If an employer is using psychometric testing in their recruitment, staff development and retention processes, you can balance the scales in your favour by learning how you would appear by taking your own test.

Using online psychometric tests to improve you chances.

Face your interview with an easy mind



Sometimes circumstances force us to reassess our careers. Redundancy, business failure or illness can unexpectedly leave us without financial support, and suddenly the world looks a very threatening place.

The important thing to remember at this point is not to panic; the worst that can happen is rarely as bad as you expect, and it hardly ever happens quickly. The money situation may look terrifying, but a couple of days spent rethinking your work ethic won't make things worse. But it could make them a whole lot better. Permanently.

At this stage, most people just try to replace the income that's been lost, replacing one job with a remarkably similar post elsewhere. Instead, consider changing your life for the better. It's not easy advice to follow, but the rewards, both personal and financial, are often life-changing. It may be well worth getting a third party view of your options and opportunities. Specialists like How2Become can help you to identify exactly what you want to do, and then provide real, effective support and advice in helping you make the change.

Make a diary note of the date when you sat down to do some serious career planning. It's never too late, and you'll remember it as the day that changed your life for the better.

Career Planning, Interviews, CVs and Personality Assessments.

Personality assessments are commonly used by employers at interviews to calculate your personality type and derive
job interview questions
. What your report reveals as strengths and weaknesses
can be your best advice at interviews. You could learn to fake it, or you could start to understand how to use it in constructing your future career planning, not just replacing your job but finding what fits you like a well-tailored suit.
Learn how to Be What You Want

Career Advice

Getting the job you always wanted is more about choosing the path that's right for you than it is about persuading an employer that you can do it. It's all about knowing yourself, something most people find surprisingly difficult. We often fool ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses, so career planning Personality test can help us to see the wood from the trees. If you're considering a career change, then it's worth finding out about yourself, and using that, often surprising, information to guide your new career path.

But finding the right job is only part of the battle, now you have to win it. Improve your chances get the CV Writing Skills you need to get that job.

What does a personality assessment report say about you?

Personality tests usually consist of a series of forced-choice questions. Your choices reveal a great deal about how you operate, creating a surprisingly detailed map of your priorities and motivations. Employers will usually give you the opportunity of discussing these findings. Taking your own psychometric test beforehand gives you prior understanding of the key points, so that you can have your responses ready.

CVs get you to the interview

OK, so you have your psychometric test results, and you're ready for anything the interviewer might throw at you. Now you just need the interview. If your CV is misspelt, poorly presented and incorrectly structured, you'll fall at the first fence. Until you can get in front of the employer, no one will know how perfect you are for the job.

Improve your chances, don't let your CV hold you back, CV Writing Skills CD now contains over 30 Video Tutorials! Your CV is your first and only chance to impress enough to get past the "sift" stage, make your CV stand out from the crowd!

CV Writing Skills

Hate your job?
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We all spend a great deal of our adult life working, so to find a job that we truly love is a bonus.
A personality test report will reveal to you, your ideal working environment. A Psychometric test will help you find your best career, but finding the right job is only part of the battle, now you have to win it.

Improve your chances
, don't let your CV hold you back, now contains over 30 Video Tutorials! Your CV is your first and only chance to impress enough to get past the "sift" stage, make your CV stand out from the crowd!

CV Writing Skills


Interview techniques that work

Have you ever missed out on a career opportunity and felt that the interviewer made the wrong choice? It's possible that the successful candidate outperformed you at interview, even though you might have been better at doing the actual job.

How 2 Pass the Interview Skills

Preparation is critical to success at interviews.

Avoiding being wrong footed at an interview is simple and it comes from ensuring you are fully prepared through practice. This CD set will give you example questions and tips on how to excel when it really matters.
Got an interview? make sure you're ready

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