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Psychometrics in the Corporate World

While psychometric testing has been with us for at least a century, it's only relatively recently that the industry has reached maturity.

Its primary use remains as an interview tool for assessing job candidates, but it's also used increasingly for understanding existing employees' attitudes to their jobs, and to define a personalised development map for their career progress. One of the prime aspects of psychometrics is responsible use of its results. While it's a powerful, insightful tool for looking below a person's exterior, taken in isolation it can conceal more than it reveals. Like so many other powerful tools, its power lies in the expertise of the user.

This page is intended as a collecting point for professional personality assessors, and for those who need to source such services. By encouraging the submission of accurate, informative industry information we hope to create a resource that will be of benefit to all our visitors.


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We strongly endorse the power and utility of personality testing and psychometrics, when applied responsibly and interpreted professionally. And this is where we need your help. If you're professionally involved with this industry we'd like to invite you to make your contributions to creating an information and reference resource that will benefit everyone.

We're interested in white papers, statistical information, case studies and informed comment from people and companies with authoritative views and relevant information. Any material you provide that is used on the site will be properly attributed to you (please do ensure though that it is, indeed, your own material). We're also happy to provide affiliate advertising to properly constituted, professional and ethical companies in related fields.

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