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Job searching is something we all have to do from time to time. Sometimes it is forced upon us and sometimes we just feel like a change. When beginning your job search it is important to think about what it is you truly want to do. Your PeopleMaps personality report can prove a big help in your job search as it gives guidance on what type of work environment is most compatible with your personality.

Having the skills to do a job is not the same as having a job that is truly compatible with your personality. So when carrying out your job search make sure you are considering jobs that are in line with your personality or you are in danger of just repeating the same patterns as before. A lot of thought and preparation has to go into your job search process so make sure the end result is worth it.

Everyone has an individual personality type with different characteristics from those of others. This is why some jobs are great for one person but hated by the next. As individuals we are most effective when we understand our preferences and the tasks that give us greatest satisfaction in the world of work.


Job Searching, Interviews and personality tests.
Personality tests are commonly used by employers at job interviews to calculate your personality "Type".

Young people, who often have little or no work experience, have been particularly hard hit by market fluctuations as employers seek to cut costs.

One way that graduates and school leavers can help themselves to stand out from the crowd is to familiarise themselves with psychometric testing.

Although it is impossible to revise for a psychometric test, getting to know the principles of psychometric testing will help any job applicant when it comes to actually completing one.

As the jobs market becomes increasingly competitive, a growing number of employers are turning to psychometric testing as a means of identifying the most suitable candidates.

Knowing how what your report considers as your strengths can be a help at interviews. Play up your straights to your advantage. An employer will delve into your perceived weaknesses according to the report, so it is better that you know what these may be and prepare some questions. Everyone has weaknesses in their report.

Personality tests usually include a list of questions to ask the candidate. Read the most awkward questions you will ever be asked in your report today. What does your report say? Find out what your report tells an employer about you. An interviewer's perspective. Read how an interviewer may interpret your results. Get your Test today!

Job Searching? How to pass personality tests. Learn the insider secrets of personality test. What they are and how they are used.

Hate your job, searching for something else? Discover how to use your report to find your perfect job.

Just a few questions that may change your life. A Psychometric questionnaire takes just minutes to complete and your report - get it today.

CV Writing Skills

Hate your job?
Create the ultimate CV!

We all spend a great deal of our adult life working, so to find a job that we truly love is a bonus.
A personality test report will reveal to you, your ideal working environment. A Psychometric test will help you find your best career, but finding the right job is only part of the battle, now you have to win it.

Improve your chances
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CV Writing Skills


How 2 Pass the Interview Skills

Interview Techniques that work, preperation is critical to success at interviews.

Avoiding being wrong footed at an interview is simple and it comes from ensuring you are fully prepared through practice. This CD set will give you example questions and tips on how to excel when it really matters.
Got an interview? make sure you're ready

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