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Got an interview, facing a psychometric test?
Faced with the prospect of an economic downturn in 2009 and the increased probability of redundancy, many employees will be presented, possibility for the first time, with a personality test or aptitude test as part of their interview process.

Tests need to be used correctly
A growing number of recruiters are misusing psychometric assessments when hiring senior managers, according to a firm that devises the tests.

Psychometric testing to build profiles for advertisers
A form of psychometric testing is helping a leading national newspaper to help boost its online advertising revenue

Interviewers risk legal action
Job interviewers risk landing their organisation in legal hot water, according to recent research.

Businesses need to recruit more smartly to improve diversity
In an article by OraRuth Rother, she discusses how businesses can use pioneering recruitment techniques to boost recovery, broaden their talent pool and pre-empt the threat of new legislation.

Graduates admit trying to cheat psychometric tests
A new study has shown at least 5% of graduates have admitted to cheating in psychometric tests, with another 17% saying they would cheat if they knew how to get away with it.



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How to Pass Personality tests
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Personality and Psychometric Tests

"- the science of measuring mental capacities and processes." - Oxford English Dictionary

The dictionary definition may be a simple one, but it belies the complexity of a subject that has become increasingly important to businesses in recent years.

The use of personality type testing in particular, has a vital role to play in recruitment processes if companies and organisations are to find the most suitable candidates.

In fact, psychometric testing is now widely accepted as one of the most effective benchmarking tools to judge the suitability for a role and explores aspects of their character that can be judged from an interview alone.

Traditionally, employers have tended to hire people on the grounds that they have suitable qualifications and/or are good at interviews - not because they have what it takes to be successful at doing the job in question.

Tests also offer distinct benefits for candidates too. Whilst it is possible to fool a test and manipulate results, who really wants a job that doesn't suit them and is sure to cause problems in the future.

In recent years a broad range of businesses and organisations operating in all walks of life have adopted such tests and it is wide practices in a number of professions, including:

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Professional football
  • The armed forces
  • Police
  • Finance

Of course, there are some instances where psychometric tests being used inappropriately, but, when used properly, it is good for employers and candidates. The tests aren't a tool used by employers to trick candidates out of a job, but are best used as one of several methods available to ensure the right person gets the right job.

When coupled with intelligent interpretation of the results, psychometric test, intelligence tests and personality tests can help produce a perfect employee/job match, which ultimately is in everyone's interest.

A recent news article

It was indicated that over the past five years psychometric tests have grown in popularity and play an increasingly important role in the selection of a wide range of professionals - from teachers and nurses to premiership footballers.

Take a PHD Certified Test

If you are thinking of changing your job or career, taking a test can prove invaluable. As an estimated 65 per cent of employers now ask candidates to take one, taking a test now will help you to know what to expect during the recruitment process.

It will also help you to decide what career or type of job is best for you.

Just a few test questions that may change your life.

How to Pass a Psychometric Test


Teke a Personality Test

Psychometric tests and your career

From school leavers to executive management, testing can help in everything from career planning to personal relationships.

If an employer is using testing in their recruitment, staff development and retention processes, you can balance the scales in your favour by learning how you would appear by taking your own test.

Face your interview with an easy mind


Psychometric testing- how employers use them

don't reject the best candidate

Hiring? Psychometrics and Employers

Employers you could be rejecting your most suitable candidates before they even get on to your short list!

Learn how by using personaity testing in your recruitment, staff development and retention processes you can build better teams.

Our system will:
• help you make much better people decisions
• reduce your staff turnover
• save you time and money
• improve working relationships,
• that we are willing to remove any risk in your buying decision.

Psychometric testing for Employers
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The Aim of Psychometric Advantage

Our intention here is to provide a resource base from which you can find the right providers for testing services, authoritative advice on how to complete a psychometric test, and a growing knowledge base that you can refer to to find out more about this powerful job-matching tool.

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We're interested in white papers, statistical information, case studies and informed comment from people and companies with authoritative views and relevant information.

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